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Beaurepaires is an Australian and New Zealand tyre retail and repair chain started in 1922 by Frank Beaurepaire a former Olympic swimmer for Australia and Australasia, with money he received for rescuing a shark attack victim from the water at Sydney.Beaurepaires is a subsidiary of Goodyear and Dunlop Tyres Australia.

Katie mentioned, "Beaurepaires has terrible customer service over the phone. They would not help me because I was not sure of the tyre size. When I asked if giving my car details would help, he just said no. However I went to another tyre specialist and they ‘somehow’ knew what my tyre size is just from my car details."


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Service Fitter (Former Employee) says

"I would never recommend this company to anyone. Management have no people skills you will be blamed for managments mistakes you will be used managers and area managers are corrupt if you don't want to be part of the corrupt activities you will be set up and sacked.No home work life corrupt management"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Absolute nightmare of a company the only best thing was going home. No fairness and bullying. I would not recommend this place to work and the culture of the workshop is just poor are just a number there.nonenone"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Upper management and state support non existent.. expected to work 55hrs a week for a 38hr wage. Equipment dangerous, out dated and not serviced at regular intervals. Atrocious safety record across Australia but especially in WA. If you value your health go work for a competitor.Small tight teams and great customersThe rest"

Service Fitter (Former Employee) says

"hardwork how to change tyres management is not what it should be most enjoyable part of job going home at end of day. other workers whinge about job"

tyre fitter ex 2ic (Current Employee) says

"day in day out same thing over and over no varietysome co workers are brilliant others are the worst ive ever worked withmanagers are very two faced- no people skills what so everthehardest part of the job is being payed correctlygoing home to my family is the most enjoyable part of the jobclose to homeno overtime being payed"

Passenger Tyre Fitter (Former Employee) says

"work from the time you get to work to lunch brake serving customer and fitting tyres looking out for mistakes ie wrong size or load rating, have lunch more tyres maybe a drive to pick up clients or tyresfree bals on tyressix days a week for a mounth"

tyre technician mobile (Former Employee) says

"a good place to work only because of the workmates , management was the worste i have ever seen . no respect whatsoever for the guys on shop floor or the road service tech's , only concerned about themselves and what they could get out of us . too much instore politics"

Tyre Fitter (Former Employee) says

"Biggest problem is money with this lot I stayed on $19 an hour for 2 years, I started on 18 I am 23 years of age. Not to mention the managers attitude stinks.NoneUnderpaid"

Mechanic / Wheel Aligner (Former Employee) says

"you never felt like you were valued, always knocked back for pay rise, at the time no work health and safety in place sometimes dangerous, upper management made decisions effecting you without any consideration for yousome discount on tyresvery poor pay"

beaurepaires (Former Employee) says

"working at beaurpaires was fun i learnt new skills and boost my communication skills the co-workers were nice and gave a hand helping if needed every one was friendly"

Network transformation manager (Former Employee) says

"Change of management created many problems at senior management level, tried to rule by fear but never knew what the inherent business processes were. Too many people wanting to do things their way.Opportunity to travelcombative non productive environment with senior management, siloh structure."

Service Fitter (Former Employee) says

"Busy place but struggled with the 40 degree plus heat. Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. This job was something I had never done before but enjoyed the challenge of learning something completely different to what I was used too."

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Inspect vehicle engine and mechanical/electrical components to diagnose issues accuratelyInspect vehicle computer and electronic systems to repair, maintain and upgradeConduct routine maintenance work (replacing fluids, lubricating parts etc.) aiming to vehicle functionality and longevitySchedule future maintenance sessions and advise motorists on good vehicle useRepair or replace broken or dysfunctional parts and fix issues (e.g. leaks)Provide accurate estimates (cost, time, effort) for a repair or maintenance jobKeep logs on work and issuesMaintain equipment and tools in good conditionDiscount tyresSalary workers with higher responsibilities are remunerated less than Hourly paid."

cleaner (Former Employee) says

"good work place friendly people good hands on working conditionsno pay becouse it was work ex"

Dispatcher of Service Vehicles and Service Fitters (Former Employee) says

"toxic environment, where HR offers no assistance to managers and supervisors. When staff problems occur, HR sit on their hands and offer little to no help in resolving issues at store level.good products and many good peoplewhen things and staff go wrong, HR folds their arms and procrastinates."

Mechanic (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work hours n pay good not very busy on the mechanical side got to learn tyre fitting heaps of work on that side of things good opportunity to grow in the company"

Lc says

"After spending $2300 last year on new tyres and rims for my 4wd, I just took it in for a wheel balance and alignment (after they didn't do one when fitting the new tyres) as the car was pulling to the left and had a vibration. Picked it up and was worse than before. Took it back and was told it was just the Kalgoorlie roads. Guy was quite rude. I had to insist they do the job properly. Bit disappointing after a good experience there last year. Won't go back."

Steve says

"Absolutely terrible service. Had a puncture repair. Complained they had no ramp available or a jack. Made me a 60 year old fit the tyre myself. After paying the bill she said she would wheel oy the wheel. Of course she didn't and after waiting over 10 mins had to remind her. Of course my cars jack jammed and one of the staff went and got his own trolley jack to get my one out. At least he showed compassion. For the 5 mins it would have taken to jack up and fit they showed no understanding or support. She couldn't give a toss."

Tim Roberts says

"I had a wheel alignment and wheel balance done on my toyota landcruiser and when i did 90klms on the freeway the steering wheel shook my landcruiser came out worse then before so i rang the manager of Osbourne Park Beaurepaires and ask him why and he blamed me that i must have hit a curb he was rude and arrogant and wouldnt even want to fix it so i went to Tire Power who redid my front wheels and said that they weren't balanced properly my landcruiser runs smooth now but the attitude of the manager was out of place also i have been getting my tyres there for years so im taking my buisness eleswhere from now on they have lost a lot of future buisness Tim Roberts"

Colin Smith says

"you will not see me back there again"

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